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Through a new partnership with the Charleston Area Alliance, CRW is teaming up with business leaders from all sectors, including government, tourism, technology, chemicals, banking, law, and education, to form an Air Service Working Group. The working group will come up with a strategic plan and goals to retain and attract additional airline service to CRW through minimum revenue guarantees and incentives.

Airports across the nation compete for air service development, and airlines consider many factors when investing in markets. One of which is business community support. Data collected from the coalition helps send a strong message to airlines that the business community is engaged in air service needs in our region.

West Virginia International Yeager Airport is not just an airport. We are a gateway to business growth, experiences, connections, and the world, which has powered CRW to continue pushing for additional air service.

Aircraft operations far exceed pre-pandemic levels, with a 15% increase in operations. People are starting to feel comfortable traveling again for business and leisure, and CRW wants to capitalize on this.

“We want to preserve and increase our connectivity to thrive. Thriving air travel is vital for the business community, particularly those looking to relocate or expand,” said Airport Director and CEO Nick Keller. “CRW has an annual economic impact of $225 million and supports almost 3.000 jobs. This impact puts us in a position to help lead West Virginia’s economic recovery.”

Being in the Capital city, CRW plays a vital economic role in business. Connectivity for their clients and employees is crucial when companies look to relocate.

“We understand that air travel is vital to our community and the business community. In addition, living near a well-connected airport is important to people,” said President and CEO of the Charleston Area Alliance, Nicole Christian. “The Alliance is pleased to partner with CRW to help the airports efforts to market the region’s assets and promote future services.”

The air service working group is excited to work together to help the airport’s efforts to market the region’s assets and retain and grow air service.