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Through West Virginia International Yeager Airport’s (CRW) Home Base Program, CRW will again welcome military aircraft to refuel by rapid fueling.

Rapid or “hot” refueling is the process of refueling an aircraft while at least one engine is still running. Hot fueling reduces the time it takes an aircraft to get back into the air and carry out additional missions.

Shutting down the aircraft, fueling, and starting back up can take more than an hour, while hot fueling takes just 15 – 20 minutes. CRW is a certified rapid fueling location and uses the same procedures to hot fuel that are used on military bases around the world.

CRW Airport Director & CEO, Nick Keller, says the increased military flights will benefit the Airport and the community.

“Hot refueling puts agility at the forefront,” said Nick Keller, Airport Director & CEO. “Military aircraft can land at CRW without shutting off their engines and then reliably and quickly take back off to fulfill another mission.”

In 2021, the Home Base Program attracted over 150 military units to CRW for fuel. As a result, CRW hopes to drastically increase the economic impact of the Home Base Program on the local economy in 2022. The public may notice additional military air traffic in the area in the coming months. Hot refueling is heavily regulated and the airport’s program has received approval from the Defense Logistics Agency.