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At its monthly board meeting today, the Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority discussed a forthcoming pause to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Airport’s proposed Airfield, Safety and Terminal Improvement Project.

Specifically, the Airfield portion of the EIS will be paused to allow additional planning to be conducted.

While the additional airfield planning progresses, CRW, in consultation with FAA and its Congressional representatives, will shift its focus to the Airport’s most immediate priority—namely, the modernization of the 77-year-old terminal building.  CRW will move forward to compete for terminal grant funding through the FAA’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – Airport Terminal Program (BIL-ATP).  The BIL-ATP program allocated $5 billion ($1 billion annually from 2022 to 2026) to provide competitive grants for airport terminal development projects that address the aging infrastructure of the nation’s airports.

“Right now, West Virginia International Yeager Airport’s priority is being able to compete for once-in-a-lifetime terminal funding made available thanks to the FAA’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – Airport Terminal Program for the modernization and renovation of our terminal building.  A pause in the EIS process allows us to continue planning work regarding the airfield and to pursue the available terminal funding,” stated Airport Director & CEO Dominique Ranieri.

Dominique continued, “Working with the FAA on the EIS over the past year and a half, we have confirmed what we already know: that CRW is the current and will be the future of commercial aviation activity in West Virginia and that our airfield is safe.  We look forward to continued work in conjunction with the FAA to ensure the utmost safety and prepare the Airport for the future of aviation.”

“CRW greatly appreciates the support the EIS process has received from the FAA, Senator Manchin, Senator Capito, and Congresswoman Miller.  We are very excited for the future and the possibility of upgrades to our terminal building.”

On September 30, 2022, the FAA published a Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for West Virginia International Yeager Airport’s (CRW) Airfield, Safety, and Terminal Improvement Project.  CRW’s proposed project included a runway shift and extension of CRW’s 5/23 Runway to 7,000 feet.  The FAA is the lead federal agency with jurisdiction over the EIS process and has the authority to issue a pause.