Steel Frame and Solar Panels Delivered to Yeager Airport

Steel Frame and Solar Panels Delivered to Yeager Airport

The steel framework and solar panels have been delivered to Charleston’s Yeager Airport.

A crane has been placed in the temporarily closed 20 Minute Lot to hoist the materials to the roof of the parking garage.

Airport officials would like to remind passengers and guests of the Airport that the 20 Minute Lot is closed. There is free parking available in the Short Term Lot, and rideshare pick-up is now located outside of the rental car garage.

Please use caution while driving in front of the terminal building. Passengers should allow for a few extra minutes when arriving at the Airport, as there may be residual traffic delays.

Steel Frame and Solar Panels Delivered to Yeager Airport

Yeager Airport to Begin Installation of Solar Panels

Charleston’s Yeager Airport is preparing for the final installation of more than 1,800 solar modules on top of one of the Airport’s parking garages.

“This solar project will be a noteworthy and visible highlight of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. It will provide environmental benefits to the region and financial savings to Yeager Airport,” said Yeager Airport’s Director, Terry Sayre. The solar farm will generate enough power to supply both parking garages. Solar energy produced by the panels will also be used at the airport to help cut the overall electricity bill. The solar panels produce enough electricity to power up to 70 homes.

Parking at Yeager Airport will be affected during this time. The 20-Minute courtesy waiting lot will be closed during the installation. While the lot is closed, there will be free, 20-minute parking available in the short-term lot for visitor’s convenience. Rideshare passengers will meet their Uber or Lyft in the parking spaces to the right of the terminal building, in front of the rental car garage.

President of the Kanawha County Commission, Kent Carper, said: “We are thrilled to help flip the switch on this solar array.” The Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority Board would like to thank Senators Manchin and Capito, as well as the Kanawha County Commission for their assistance in obtaining funding for this project.

Yeager Airport will post updated project and parking information on this page, and on social media accounts—be sure to follow @flyCRW.

DID YOU KNOW? Airlines Offer Group Discounts

Traveling in a group? Big family? You could be in luck when it comes to discounted airfare.

Several of Yeager Airport’s airlines offer travelers who have more than a certain number of people discounts and other perks! These types of fares can be especially appealing when planning a group getaway or family vacation.

And, when Airlines see extra traffic flying in or out of our Airport, they will sometimes put bigger planes on the route, or ADD an additional flight!

Here’s how group fares and benefits break down for each of our carriers:



Leaving together? Group Block fares areavailable for groups of 10 or more traveling to and from the same place, and

  • Can be booked up to 11 months in advance to American Airlines and oneworld®destinations
  • 1 free name change per ticket up to 48 hours before to departure
  • No minimum stay required


Delta Group Specialists are ready to show you why flying with a group is the way to go. Delta Group Specialists customize Delta flight itineraries for groups of 10 or more passengers traveling on the same flight. You get the advantage of competitive fares, flexible ticketing options and dedicated support in booking your group’s travel.



Groups of ten or more enjoy special pricing and special service when traveling on United Airlines. If you have ten or more people traveling on a common flight to a common destination, take advantage of a guaranteed fare when traveling on United Airlines.

Along with saving money by traveling on United Airlines, your group will enjoy these United Groups features:

  • A group coordinator to assist the group at the airport (Group coordinators are not available at all airport locations.)
  • Priority check-in
  • A guaranteed fare for the group

For a competitive quote on your group’s travel needs, complete their online bid request form You’ll receive a response via email within two business days. All quotes are subject to availability at the time of booking. Information on confirming your reservation and guaranteeing your price will be provided with the quote. You may also contact United Groups at 1-800-426-1122 to obtain a quote. If you are outside the U.S. and Canada, please contact your local United Customer Contact Center.

Looking for something a little more exclusive (and luxurious) for your large group or special trip?

Capital Jet Center at CRW is happy to quote and arrange all of the details of a private flight for you! And, there is nothing like skipping security and a signature, warm chocolate chip cookie to start off your vacation! Contact Capital Jet Center at 304-346-9977 for more information.


UPGRADEDPOINTS.COM: The Ultimate Guide to Air Travel with a Disability

UPGRADEDPOINTS.COM: The Ultimate Guide to Air Travel with a Disability

Traveling by plane is one of the safest and fastest ways to get to your destination. But crowded airports, long waits at security checkpoints and baggage restrictions can make flying challenging when you have a disability.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), 25.5 million Americans, age 5 and older, have self-reported travel-limiting disabilities. Unfortunately, information on how to travel with a disability can be hard to find.

To help streamline this information, here’s an in-depth guide to help you better navigate airports and flights while traveling with a disability. This guide also includes many tips and tricks to make flying a more enjoyable process.

Read more: The Ultimate Guide to Air Travel with a Disability



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ACI-NA Centerlines Now – Checked Facts: Airports Are Not Taxpayer Funded

ACI-NA Centerlines Now – Checked Facts: Airports Are Not Taxpayer Funded

It is common misconception that airports are funded with taxpayer dollars.  In reality, infrastructure projects at airports in the United States are funded through three key mechanisms: federal grants through the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP), the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) local user fee, and tenant rents and fees.

No matter how many times the airlines repeat it, the PFC is not tax. The PFC is a local user fee that airports rely on to repair aging facilities, improve aviation safety, improve the passenger experience, create more airline competition to lower airfares, and accommodate rising demand.  With nearly $130 billion in infrastructure needs over the next five years, the PFC is the cheapest and most sustainable option available.

Here’s why:  The PFC empowers those who know the most about the local airport needs, infrastructure investments, and safety upgrades to make the best decisions for the airport while balancing the passenger’s interests. The PFC is collected locally and, unlike other aviation-related fees and taxes, stays local. It never gets passed to Washington, D.C. The PFC is the only funding tool that maximizes this kind of critical local control.  The airlines’ erroneous “tax” argument doesn’t hold water.

Today’s modern conservative movement is diverse and often fractious, so it can be hard to find unanimity on almost any issue. But when it comes to support for the PFC, conservative think tanks and advocacy groups speak with a clear voice in support of this quintessential user fee.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, FreedomWorks, Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action, Reason Foundation, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Taxpayer Protection Alliance, and Citizen Outreach are some of the leading anti-tax and free market organizations that agree the PFC is a local user fee.

User fees represent a better way to pay for infrastructure. Under this system, the people who actually use the airport bear the burden of upkeep and modernization. That is the most fair and equitable way to fund it – passengers who don’t use the airport will never be asked to pay for it. Americans certainly deserve to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible.  How else would they be able to pay all those exorbitant airline bag fees?

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Checked Facts: Airports Are Not Taxpayer Funded

Easy Ways to Make Your Next Family Vacation Less Stressful

Easy Ways to Make Your Next Family Vacation Less Stressful

Despite the fact that 79% of domestic trips are for leisure purposes, most families realize that travel isn’t very relaxing at all. Though you might be hoping to get some much-deserved rest and relaxation while you’re on vacation, the stress of planning, traveling, and coordinating can make you so anxious that you can’t even appreciate your surroundings. If you’ve got a family trip coming up and want to reduce your stress levels as much as possible, you might want to check out the following helpful tips.


  • Make a packing list: The idea of leaving important items behind or paying astronomical fees for overweight luggage can make your heart rate go up in a mere instant. That’s why it’s important to start packing early and make a list of everything you’ll need to bring on your vacation. That way, you’ll have a visual reminder of the essentials and can think more clearly, even amongst all the clutter. This can be an excellent way to keep track of what every family member is bringing and make adjustments if needed. Anything you can do to avoid those feelings of panic and dread while packing and traveling will be to your benefit.

  • Try to be flexible: There are some parts of your vacation itinerary that you can’t leave to chance, such as flight reservations, restaurant bookings, and event tickets. But resist the urge to schedule everything to the last second. If you’re a natural planner, doing so might make you feel more at-ease before you leave. However, it can be a real cause of stress once you’re actually there. Allow yourself a bit of wiggle room and permission to deviate from your schedule if need be. Keep in mind that the well-being of your family (including yourself!) is more important than trying to squeeze in that last sight-seeing tour or museum.

  • Plan around routines: That said, there are things you shouldn’t deviate from, particularly if you’re traveling with younger children. Infants and toddlers do need their rest and can get cranky if they’re being forced to do too much; straying from their normal meal times can also result in a meltdown. If at all possible, try to book your flights and schedule your activities with these routines in mind. That’ll give you some framework for your days and will make both kids and parents much less grumpy.

  • Give yourself plenty of time: Generally, it’s a good idea to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes ahead of domestic departures. For holidays and international flights, even more time is required. When you’re going on a family vacation with younger children or if you’re nervous about getting through security, you may want to give yourself as much breathing room as possible. Larger airports with multiple terminals can be confusing, particularly if you have to deal with last-minute gate changes. If you end up having extra time, that might even to be everyone’s benefit; you’ll have a chance to grab some food, read, listen to music, or relax before takeoff.

  • Plan for airplane storage issues: Always operate under the assumption that the overhead baggage compartments will be full. If you plan ahead to gate-check your luggage or are able to store it under the seat in front of you, you won’t feel your anxiety levels rise when you realize you’re on a full flight and you’re in the last boarding group. (Of course, if you’re able to board the plane early, this might be a plus for your family anyway.) Be sure to transfer any essentials from gate-checked bags into your personal item just in case!

When it comes time to plan your next vacation, you’ll relieve some stress if you #flyCRW with your family. We aim to make the travel experience convenient and hassle-free. And with our array of amenities and airline carriers, we’ll help start your trip off on the right foot!