Capital Jet Center at CRW


Fixed-Base Operator (FBO)


300 Eagle Mountain Road, Charleston West Virginia 25311

MAILING ADDRESS: 100 Airport Rd., Suite 165 – Charleston, WV 25311

PHONE: 304-346-9977

MOBILE: 304-859-0102

FAX: 304-346-9975

Aircraft Services Available

  • Re-Fuel (Jet A, 100LL)
  • De-Fuel
  • Quick Turn
  • Towing
  • Hangaring
  • Tie Down
  • De-Ice
  • GPU
  • Dual Overwing Hose
  • Baggage Handling
  • Cargo Handling
  • Courtesy Van
  • Crew Cars

Port Type: Port of Entry
Port Director: Steven P. Collins
Contact: (304) 347-5205 [Phone] or (304)347-5520 [Fax]
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Weekend Requests: Must be made by 4:30pm Friday as they must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Arrivals inbound from the South with departure ports requiring crossing the U.S./Mexico border or the North 33 degree latitude line may only come in direct to CRW with current Border Overflight Exemption status. Applications may be made through this office with 30 days processing time allowed.

Location –

FAA Identifier:  CRW

Elevation:  981 ft.

From City:  3 miles East of Charleston, WV

Zip Code:  25311

Runway –

5/23 – 6,302 x 150 ft.

Surface:  asphalt/grooved, in good condition

Frequencies –

UNICOM:  122.95

ATIS:  127.6

WX ASOS:  Phone 304-346-4797

Ground:  121.8 348.6

Tower:  125.7 257.8

Approach/Departure South:  119.2

Approach/Departure North:   124.1

Clearance Delivery:  118.55

Emergency:  121.5 243.0

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Capital Jet Center is located at the southeastern end of Yeager Airport. We’re open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Providing first class facilities for both the corporate and pleasure traveler. Our modern, spacious lobby features comfortable seating with multiple widescreen satellite televisions as well as an outstanding view of our ramp. The flight planning and weather briefing room features the latest technology in weather monitoring programs. Upstairs, our spacious pilot’s lounge offers a complete view of our ramp, comfortable seating, and flat screen television. We are part of the Central WV Regional Airport family and with that can also offer 24/7 police and fire protection, as well as 24/7 staff and equipment to handle things such as large snow events quickly and efficiently. Our friendly staff will always be looking forward to your visit and will provide you, our customer, with the highest level of service.

Hangar Information:

The Airport owns and rents Hangars and T-hangar spaces to private aircraft owners.

To inquire about available office space or hangars, please contact the Airport Administration Office at 304-344-8033. 

Charter Aircraft Services & Charter Coordination:

CRW Services will provide assistance with all ground handling requests and make all necessary arrangements with other airport departments and businesses for inbound charter flights.


For general inquiries and submitting of ground handling RFP please contact


300 Eagle Mountain Road
Charleston, WV 25311

(304) 346-9977  [PHONE]
(304) 359-0102 [MOBILE]
(304) 346-9975 [FAX]

Learn to Fly:

Man has always looked to the sky and dreamed of flying.  With Hangar 9 Aviation, this can be more than just a dream; it can be a reality.

Whether you’re looking to become airborne for the first time or a pilot seeking new challenges, Hangar 9 Aviation will help you soar to new heights. Discover what’s beyond the horizon.

For inquiries, please contact:


300 Eagle Mountain Road
Charleston, WV 25311

304.541.4171 [PHONE]

Hanger 9 is not affiliated with Yeager Airport or the Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority.