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DID YOU KNOW? Airlines Offer Group Discounts

Traveling in a group? Big family? You could be in luck when it comes to discounted airfare. Several of Yeager Airport’s airlines offer travelers who have more than a certain number of people discounts and other perks! These types of fares can be especially appealing...

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Almost Heaven: 3 Reasons to Visit West Virginia

Whether you're a fan of the song or not, Mr. Denver got it right: West Virginia is a beautiful place. With around 96% of hard working Americans believing that vacation time is important, West Virginia has a little something for everybody. We're not sure who the other...

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How Do Airports Work? The Basics

    As you might imagine, airports are big business. They are generally complex buildings that can cost billions of dollars to build and millions of dollars to operate; however, the financial impact of airports on the city, county and state are even larger....

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When Is The Best Time To Buy Airfare?

Although 79% of domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes, that doesn't mean they're all fun and games. Even booking your flight can be overwhelming -- particularly if you aren't sure whether you're getting a good deal on air travel. Should you book now and risk...

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TRAVELER UPDATES: Yeager Airport is OPEN. We continue to work with our public health experts and partners to monitor COVID-19. If you have an upcoming flight, please reach out directly to your airline with any questions about your flight status. Please see for updates.