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Even if your WV airport of choice is great, booking a flight can be a challenge — doing it too late can cost you hundreds of dollars more and doing it too early can make room for unforeseen issues. If you’re looking to use up some of your vacation time, here are the best tips and tricks for finding the best deal.

Book in Advance

You’re always told to book in advance, but you don’t know how early is too early. If you’re looking at air travel, booking your flight 70 days in advance is a good rule of thumb. However, there is a seasonal component to keep in mind: spring bookings should be made 90 days in advance; summerflights should be booked 47 days early; autumn trips should be booked 69 days in advance; while winter trips need about 62 days in advance to get you the best deal. While you’re booking, consider the locations you’re traveling to as well to prevent flight delays. A trip to Florida may be delayed due to weather in the late summer while a trip to a WV airport often isn’t affected by summer weather.

Book the Flight Before the Hotel

Not only does this give you great options for travel bundles, this also ensures you’re getting on the cheapest flight. If you book a hotel first, you’ve officially locked yourself into a date where you need to be there. This greatly limits your flying options as you try to get there on time. Flights can cost much more than hotels and you might end up shutting yourself out of a great deal by booking the hotel first.

Book on ‘Cheaper’ Days

This seems weird, but most people fly on the bookends of the weekend, making Friday and Sunday the most popular — and expensive — time to fly. This is because people often leave for vacation after work, and many others want to arrive home in time for their shift on Monday.
By 2020, it’s estimated that 478.2 million people within the United States will travel for business alone. Use the flexibility of your vacation schedule to your advantage.

Book at Weird Times

Don’t be afraid to spend some time in a WV airport by choosing a strange time. If you leave during dinner time or very early in the morning, you’re more likely to get a deal since these aren’t peak flying hours. Look at a WV airport near you to scope out meal selections if you’re worried about getting a little hungry. Airports often contain a variety of meal and comfort options for early flyers and layover passengers.