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When COVID-19 took hold over the United States, the entire country came to a halt. Shops closed, restaurants shut their doors and stay-at-home orders were put in place. With those protective measures in place, air travel came to an abrupt stop. Fast forward a few months, and the wheels of the country are slowly starting to turn again.

As we begin the long road back to normalcy, what is air travel going to look like? Airports across the country are going to have their own guidelines, but the airlines are also going to have new policies.

Let’s take a look a the guidelines from the four air carriers that service Yeager Airport.

Delta – Passengers and employees are being required to wear a mask or an appropriate face-covering starting at the check-in lobby and across Delta touchpoints. That includes Delta Sky Clubs, boarding gate areas, jet bridges, and onboard the aircraft for the duration of the flight.

Certain seats on the aircraft are also going to be blocked off. First Class seating is going to be capped at 60 percent, and the rest of the cabin is going to be capped at 50 percent.

American – Passengers are being required to wear a face-covering while flying, except very young children or people with a condition that prevents them from wearing one. Your face covering is going to have to be on before boarding the plane.

United – Passengers and employees are being required to wear face coverings while on the aircraft. Small children, people with certain medical conditions are not going to be required to wear a mask. Temporarily shut down self-service kiosks in most locations. Passengers are also being asked to self-scan boarding passes at the gate. Boarding fewer people at a time.

Spirit – Passengers and employees are being required to wear face coverings on the aircraft. Small children are exempt.

TSA has also updated some of its policies and procedures. If you are not able to renew your expired license, you may still use it as an acceptable form of identification at the checkpoint. TSA will accept expired driver’s licenses a year after the expiration date, plus 60 days after the duration of the COVID-19 national emergency. You’re also allowed to bring hand sanitizer in your carry-on bags until further notice. The bottle has to be 12oz or less, and the bottle may need to be screened separately, which may add time to the checkpoint screening.

Yeager Airport is also asking passengers to maintain proper social distancing guidelines. We have put markings down at the TSA checkpoint to keep people six feet apart. Our support services staff has also been cleaning the entire airport four times a day, since the beginning of March. They pay special attention to high touchpoint areas like doors, check-in areas, seating at gates, and bathrooms. We ask that while you are waiting at the gate to allow a seat between you and other passengers.

We are looking forward to seeing our passengers again. We have been working hard to prepare to welcome you back. If you have any questions about what Yeager Airport is doing or has done to keep you safe, don’t hesitate to call. If you have specific questions about your airline, please visit their website, the links are below. Stay safe and remember, #FlyCRW!

For more information regarding airline COVID-19 policies please see links available here: Airline Information