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Today is a special day for West Virginia International Yeager Airport as it marks the 75th anniversary of Brigadier General Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier. Yeager made history in 1947 when at just 24 years old, his Bell X-1 broke the speed of sound over a lake in Southern California. That feat earned him the distinction of the “Fastest Man Alive.”

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier and in conjunction with the Airport’s 75th anniversary, CRW is in the process of opening a new exhibit dedicated to General Yeager. In addition, the Airport is partnering with Marshall University to display artifacts that have previously been held in the University’s archives. The materials were donated to Marshall University in December 1986 by General Yeager.

The new exhibit (located in the Airport Observation Area) will be unveiled to the public on October 24, 2022. Special visitor – Victoria Yeager will be in attendance. Some of the items selected to be on display include a plaque presented for “West Virginian of the Year” by the Sunday Gazette-Mail and a coin issued in commemoration of the First Man to Fly Faster than Sound.

“We are thrilled to showcase the historical achievements of General Chuck Yeager at West Virginia International Yeager Airport for all those passing through the airport to see,” said Airport Director & CEO Dominique Ranieri.“ General Yeager’s influence on our airport and on the aviation community at large is undeniable.”